BR1F15-R CROSS 2019

Carburator Diameter 28 copy Taiwan (PE 28 original Keihin on Daytona Anima 150cc-190cc)
Air filter Sponge air filter DT1
Ignition Elettronica a volano medium
Transmission Chain DID 420 B&B
Final transmission Pinion Z16 sprocket in ergal
Chain guide New chain guide MADE IN ITALY
Lubrification Oil filter inside crankcase
Oil radiator In alluminium
Clutch 5 clutch disk in oil
Starting also with gear inside
Frame New perimeter frame in high-strength mount, radiator support built into the chassis and supports footpegs welded. New legs supporting footrests lightened billet. New geometries frame with suspension strut boxed. MADE IN ITALY
Subframe 7020 white anodized aluminum with new reinforcement points. MADE IN ITALY
Swing arm 7020 extruded aluminum with new exclusive design Bucci MADE IN ITALY
Front fork UPSD Tech Suspension diam.39 with new setting with compression and anodizing silver MADE IN ITALY 770mm lenght
Triple clamp New drawing and wheelbase 170mm MADE IN ITALY
Rear shock Cross MUPO with yellow spring and CNC body, 16mm axle and piston 46. 3 adjustments. MADE IN ITALY
Fuel tank New fuel tank Bucci for perimetral frame
Front brake Cross New Formula radial with 4 pistons MADE IN ITALY with brake disk diam.210 always MADE IN ITALY
Rear brake Formula radial with brake disk diam.180 MADE IN ITALY
Front wheel Cross Faba alluminium black rim da 14’’x1.60 MADE IN ITALY with brake diak 210mm
Rear wheel Cross Faba alluminium black rim da 12’’x1.60 MADE IN ITALY with brake disk 180mm
Tyres Cross 60/100-14 front e 80/100-12 rear
Hub CNC hub anodized for Cross MADE IN ITALY
Exhaust syste New LM exhaust racing system with carbon cup by BUCCIMOTO MADE IN ITALY
Handlebar Alluminium black NEKEN with pad diam.28 MADE IN FRANCE
Throttle Domino MADE IN ITALY
Seat height Cross 83cm
Wheel base Cross 1200mm
Colour Black,white,red
Engine available YX150cc-YX160cc-Tokawa 150cc-Tokawa160cc- Daytona Anima 150cc- Daytona Anima 160cc- Daytona anima 190cc- Zz 190cc